"FIGMENT" 這個名字從何以來? 有甚麼意思?

FIGMENT 創辦人 David Koren 在決定要在紐約外島舉辦一個藝術節後,在某天他洗澡時「FIGMENT」這個字突然出現在他腦海裡。他記起著名普普藝術家Andy Warhol 曾經說過,他死後保留墓碑上隻字不留,沒有墓銘誌、沒有名字,如果一定要有的話,那就寫上「FIGMENT」。Andy Warhol 的名言:每一個人都有十五分鐘成為明星。以 FIGMENT 為名,除了為了紀念活動起源於紐約外,以及借用Andy Warhol 的理念,寓意即將進行的這場藝術活動將短暫成為眾人焦點。


Why the name "FIGMENT"?

Thinking about the idea of an arts festival on the island, David Koren started to look for a name, something that could anchor the concept of the festival. David was in the shower one morning in late 2005 when the name “FIGMENT” popped into his head. David remembered that Andy Warhol had once been asked what he would like on his tombstone, and he replied, "I always thought I'd like my own tombstone to be blank. No epitaph, and no name. Well, actually, I'd like it to say 'FIGMENT'."

Famous for his role in New York's artistic heritage and the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol believed that everyone had it in them to be a star for fifteen minutes. Through his own art, he defined his identity and shaped the world around him. By naming the arts event FIGMENT, it could reference both the great history of art in New York, and also the ephemeral nature of the arts event that was starting to be developed.