FIGMENT 是一個合家歡活動嗎?

FIGMENT 歡迎任何人,包括小朋友。FIGMENT適合所有年齡層的人參與,大朋友和小朋友都可以在在FIGMENT找到樂趣。前來FIGMENT的你不需要準備任何東西,不過別忘了水樽,小學內將有飲水機提供。


Is FIGMENT a family-/kid-friendly event?

FIGMENT is for everyone—and every kid- and family-friendly. The event is great for kids! Governors Island is a public place and everything at FIGMENT is appropriate and fun for people of all ages! No precautions necessary... but do bring everything you'd need for a day out! Sunscreen, plenty of water, snacks, et cetera.